The Technology Doctor offers 24/7 service option to our clients who are interested in paying a premium for this service. You will be asked to prepay the premium for this service of $100 (plus $85, if it's out of warranty). You will receive these services/benefits:

1. Contact within 1 hour 24/7

2. Direct Point of Contact with the Technician

3. Priority Parts Ordering / Acquisition if unable to repair on 1st trip

4. Priority scheduling on follow-up visit, if necessary

Please use our link below to book this service.

* Note: Fees include up to the first 30 minutes, usually enough time to fix minor issues and/or give you an estimate if additional charges are necessary. Additional labor is billed at $1/min 30 minute minimum up to a maximum or 85 additional minutes ( we stop charging you after 85 ) and you will receive an estimate for approval of any additional charges before work is completed.