Meeting our customers expectations is very important to us, we would like to briefly explain our procedures and practices before you commit to using our service so you know what you can expect, in advance. If you were assigned to our company you do have a choice and you may call back your manufacturer or warranty company and ask for another service company should you not agree with our policies or procedures. Our processes are designed to provide you the quickest resolution and best service with the least inconvenience and 
with the resources that are provided to us and/or at the least cost to you.

Pre-Screening Triage Process:
We typically evaluate and pre-screen all new jobs, even if you have already been given a confirmed app't. We will contact you to confirm your already scheduled app't or call you to schedule an app't or we may need to order parts before we make a trip for known problems. This minimizes the inconvenience on you and significantly increases the chance we will be able to repair your unit on the first trip. This process can take up to 48 hours. Out of warranty customers will be given the option of a telephone estimate (least expensive) or an on-site evaluation at our regular rates.

Our Guarantee:
All our completed repairs are guaranteed by us for 90 days and by the manufacturer or warranty company for the remainder of your warranty coverage, whichever is greater. Parts are guaranteed for one year or the remainder of your warranty. Warranty repairs only cover the same symptoms or problem you experienced on the original service request. 

3 days No Action Alert Process:
We have an internal alert process that notifies us when customers have been waiting for 3 days so that we can take appropriate action. If we have attempted to make contact with you and have not received a response from you within 3 days your ticket could be canceled. If that happens we can usually reopen the ticket when you do contact us back. 

14 Day Back-Order Parts Policy:
If the parts for your unit are not immediately available it is our policy that we will wait up to 14 days, if parts do not become available we will refer you back to the manufacturer or warranty company so they can determine the next steps for you. If you are a cash paying customer we will notify you and deem your unit un-repairable and closeout your ticket. 

Telephone & Communication:
Our telephone operators do become very busy at peak times. We highly recommend during those times you use one of our other forms of electronic communication listed on our home page including our rapid response email  service@tech-phd.com with a guaranteed 2 hour or less response time during normal business hours, live online chat, or even twitter direct message @socalservice. This will provide you the quickest and most efficient and least frustrating way to communicate with us especially during these peak times. Everything you can ask or do via telephone can also be found or done via our website. Click here to schedule service online.

App't Windows:
We schedule 4 hour app't arrival windows. It is possible that a technician could arrive at the end of an app't window and therefore your app't could last longer than the window time. The technicians will call 15 to 60 min prior to their expected arrival. If they are unable to reach you they will not show up and your app't will need to be rescheduled. Please make sure you have given us an accurate phone number where you can be reached anytime during the app't window.

Talking to a Technician: We are typically unable to connect customers directly with technicians, our technicians work in the field and they are not setup to provide this service. In some cases we will schedule a technician to make a phone call if the problem is likely to be resolved by a phone call or when the customer is specifically paying for the telephone support. We do have a telephone estimate service available for $25, where you can request an estimate for your out of warranty units. If you decide to have your unit repaired, we will credit the estimate charge towards your service. To request this service use the request service button on our homepage or click here and select the telephone estimate option and provide all the details requested for the fastest service.

It is our goal to have 75% of our jobs completed in 4 days however there is always the possibility of delays on your specific job beyond our control. We typically don't allow jobs to extend beyond 14 days per our policy above without a formal cancellation and phone call.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.
We reserve the right to require a deposit at our sole discretion. Warranty/Insurance payments are not guaranteed. Customer is always responsible for final payment should the warranty or insurance company deny payment for any reason.   


All that being said... We truly would appreciate the opportunity to serve you!