Can I tip my repairman?
Yes, technicians are allowed to accept tips and certainly do appreciate it! If you provided your email address, you will also have the option to provide feed back upon the completion of your service that also rewards our team members with a small bonus if you feel they deserve it based on your experience. 

Does this problem (with my unit) happen a lot?
Most manufacturers release new and revised product lines every year. Sometimes we do run into common issues among certain models. This typically happens with all manufacturers and isn't necessarily any indication of the overall "quality" of the machine or the manufacturer in general or that you will continue to have future issues. Keep in mind that we can only see a small piece of the picture, there are a small percentage of failures in units among ALL manufacturers and a much larger percentage of units that never have problems. Many people have commented that this is the first time they have ever had to call a repairman others are regular customers of ours. Regular maintenance every year is always a good idea if you want to avoid unexpected failures and keep your unit running reliable, efficient and safe.

Where are you from?
This is the most frequently asked question and strangely enough one that can sparks much concern. Our company covers a large geographic area, we have technicians located in all the counties we service. To maintain the volume of work necessary to stay in business as appliances and electronics become more reliable and require less service, requires us to service a large area. At times we see spikes in different regions and therefore have the ability to route surrounding techs as needed to serve where the need is. Our technicians and our company are grateful to receive enough volume of work to maintain full-time jobs and therefore do not mind traveling at all. We always try to maintain our technicians as close to their 'home' region as possible and while a technician may occasionally have to drive a bit from their home region they are typically scheduled a number of jobs within the same general area before traveling back or are scheduled stops along the way. In some cases techs do travel out of their way so we can provide you with the quickest service possible if a tech located closest to you is booked. This flexibility allows us to provide you with the fastest service possible. Rest assure all technicians who work for us enjoy driving and seeing and going different places it's part of the appeal of this job for those who don't wish to work work in the same cubicle, office or building everyday!

What brand do you recommend?
We can honestly say that you cannot get an accurate factual answer from any service technician. The reality is that we only see a very small percentage of the total number of units sold by any manufacturer and the perception from a service technician are only the units that break, a tech has no real idea how many units were sold that didn't break. It takes a more comprehensive measurement to answer this question accurately and there are ample resources online that try to do this. Every manufacturer has a certain percentage of units that break as a result of any number of things - no matter what brand you purchase. The best advise we can give you is to look at the warranty and support coverage before you make your purchase an area most often overlooked by consumers when making their purchase decisions.

Why do I have to pay money to have my unit un-stacked or removed to be serviced?
We understand everybody's concern in having to pay an additional fee for something that they feel should not have broke in the first place. No manufacturer is required by law to pay for the additional labor to remove or un-stack equipment installed in difficult or impossible places to service - the law says they only have to fix the broken part that failed as a result of a manufacturing defect while the unit is under the original warranty period. It's similar to buying a new car and the new car needing repair or service - the car dealer or manufacturer won't necessarily pay to pick-up the car because it needs a repair or service or pay for your inconvenience, gas or loss of work to take it in or a loaner car because you have to go without it. Our company may or may not agree with these policies but we have to be compensated for the additional resources and/or equipment necessary to do these jobs and do them well. We aren't the manufacturer or the retail store you bought it from and therefore we didn't make any money off your purchase and therefore just simply can't stay in business unless we are compensated for our expenses. We hope you can understand.

Why are you scheduling my appointment several days in advance? I want somebody here now!
By scheduling your appointment in advance it allows us the time necessary to review the details of your problem, obtain necessary parts we think we might be needed to complete the repair and obtain any necessary approvals and authorizations from your manufacturer or extended warranty company, if applicable. While it may seem like wasted time rest assured that your ticket is being reviewed by multiple people all doing whatever they can to make sure the technician who is assigned your job will have as much information, parts, tools and the resources to get your unit working as quickly and efficiently with as little disruption to your life as possible and when possible in one trip to minimize the disruption and keep our costs down and our prices as low as possible. Keep in mind that getting a technician to your door as quick as possible doesn't mean he'll have the parts and actually be able to fix it. Would you rather have a tech out tomorrow who can't fix it and just has to come back or would you rather wait an extra day or two so when the tech does come out he can fix it.

How do you know what parts are needed if you haven't seen my unit? 
The manufacturer already scheduled an appointment, why are you rescheduling it and how can that possibly provide me better service?
We know certain manufacturers have scheduled a service date with you but to provide you with the most efficient service our in-shop technicians will first thoroughly review your issue before we plan to come out. Most of the time the technicians are able to determine the parts needed to fix your unit and then we can get the parts ordered immediately, if necessary. This usually results in a much quicker final repair of your unit and much less inconvenience to you. We also need to determine the best technician who will have the proper skills to repair your unit based on the in-shop technicians analysis.  Please note that just by sending a technician to your home as quick as possible can extend the final repair if parts are needed and then cannot be ordered until after the initial visit when they could have already been ordered. This is especially inefficient if you are experiencing a problem we have seen many, many times before and or is a known issue for your model unit that the manufacturer has previously made us aware of through service bulletins and announcements and therefore we already know what may be needed to fix it.

Please realize that we service hundreds of units every month, your issue may seem very unique and unusual to you but most often the issue we've seen many, many times and already know exactly what is necessary to repair it. Rest assured that if our in-shop technicians determine we likely will NOT need parts or that we may already have the parts, or that we will likely be able to obtain them before your pre-scheduled appointment we will honor your pre-scheduled appointment if and whenever possible,

Please note that only appointments confirmed by us first and/or scheduled directly with us will be honored, please do not expect a technician at the appointment time provided to you by the manufacturer unless you've made contact with us first - it is always possible for technical glitches that result in  information that doesn't get transmitted to us for whatever reason, so please make sure you have confirmed your appointment directly with us - we don't want you taking a day off work and waiting for an appointment that we may have never received.

What does an in-shop technician do to determine what is needed to fix my unit?
Today's televisions and appliances are much different than a generation ago, in fact many manufacturers refer to them now as "Digital Appliances". Digital appliances have electronics and software than can frequently be updated and changed by the manufacturers to fix cross-compatibility issues, improve power consumption and provide better more efficient and safer operation. In addition, mechanical parts are constantly being modified and changed to improve reliability, performance and to fix bugs that are discovered after products are sold and put into real world use.

In addition many new electronics and appliances have smart-diagnostic features that can transmit data and information via the telephone and/or the internet, this data can be used by the technician to help determine the likely cause of the issue you are experiencing so that we can come as prepared as possible as quickly as possible to minimize the inconvenience.

When we receive your job we gather and analyze the details from you, your unit and the manufacturer about the problem you are experiencing, then our in-shop technicians perform detailed research. We look at repair history of similar units, we look at service bulletins released from the manufacturer pertaining to your model, we look at parts that have been updated and modified by the manufacturer and for what reason and we review general technical service material and logs that may have been transmitted electronically by your device and come to an informed and educated decision as to what steps need to be taken next and what parts are likely to be the culprit.

We service hundreds of models and the above information changes daily, it's not always possible for a field technician to have all the most current and up to date information on your specific model when he arrives at your door without spending time researching, this research requires a technician to analyze this information on a computer and that is most efficiently done by an in-shop tech who can then pass relevant information directly to the field tech via our electronic mobile dispatching system. The field technician will then have the most relevant and current information at his fingertips to service your unit most efficiently and  provide the highest quality repair.

Why don't you carry the parts I need with you?
We do carry some select parts with us but manufacturers offer hundreds of different models, most modern manufacturers build many parts specific for each individual model, in addition manufacturers frequently update their parts to fix bugs and make them more reliable and efficient. Parts sitting in inventory may not be the most current, updated or revised parts available for your unit, in addition parts sitting on shelves can go bad - rubber gets dry, plastic turns yellow, metal can rust, etc. We generally only use the most current version parts ordered directly from the manufacturer and we use only OEM parts to provide the highest quality and strongest repairs.

You gave me an estimate that included parts without even looking at my unit, what if that doesn't fix it, will I have to pay for the parts?
No, you will never be asked to pay for parts that weren't necessary to fix your unit, any un-needed parts the tech will deduct from your estimate You will not be charged for them. We sometimes do send more parts than are needed - it is much cheaper to send an extra part than to make additional trips to your home, it also provides quicker more efficient service. In years past servicemen could carry a small inventory of parts that were used across many different manufacturers in many models and it was very likely units could get fixed using a small inventory carried in a truck however times have changed and manufacturers are very competitive, therefore they design and manufacture parts very specific to not just their own brand but often specific to each individual model. Manufacturers create hundreds of different models to meet the different needs of different retailers, industries, locations, countries and individual preferences in addition as stated above even if parts could be carried they tend to be changed and updated frequently. With modern shipping services, parts generally arrive within just a couple days, we find this method allows us to provide you with the quickest, most efficient and highest quality of service.

I just want my unit replaced...
I need you to tell the manufacturer to replace my unit...
My unit is not very old, shouldn't I get a new one? I don't want it fixed...
To better help us to help you, please understand that in spite of your expectations as to the manufacturer or retailer replacing or exchanging your unit, The Technology Doctor has no decision making power for this request. If you want an exchange - that may or may not be possible but you will need to contact the manufacturer or the retailer where you purchased the unit directly. We are here to repair and maintain your unit and restore it to the best possible performance as quickly as possible but we are a repair and parts center only we cannot exchange your unit and we cannot deem a unit unrepairable so that it will be exchanged. Unrepairable units jeopardize our business, industry and our contracts with the manufacturers. Manufacturers are required by law to provide every single part that makes up a unit for 7 years and therefore if every part can be replaced a unit technically cannot be deemed unrepairable. Our company is penalized when manufacturers have to replace a unit because we cannot fix it.    

Repairing your unit allows us to make sure you have the most updated parts and firmware, that your unit was installed correctly and allows us to provide some instruction and answer questions you may have. Repairing your unit is often much faster than waiting for an exchange and dealing with all the inconveniences and hassles. Your repaired unit will likely be better than a replacement and you'll be happier in the end. Parts in newer units are typically changed as complete easily changeable assemblies they don't require tedious disassembly and any parts we replace will be more updated than what you would receive from a new replacement unit that has been stored in inventory. Repairs are generally quick and easy. We take pride in every repair, we clean every unit, we don't lay our tools on your unit, we use padding and blankets - we treat each unit as if it was our own you should have complete confidence that your repaired unit would likely be better than a replacement.

Why are your telephones busy and why do you prefer e-mail and electronic communications?
This is a very reasonable, commonly asked question that we receive regarding our assistance processes. As a company, we have chosen not to put our limited resources in added telephone personnel and choose to put them into providing the best trained and most equipped technicians. While we do still have telephone personnel, at peaks times our phones get very busy and we prefer that you communicate via e-mail. This is a much more efficient means when our service is in very high demand! You may also request a service appointment online with no need to contact us at all please click the "Request Service" button on our home page.

How is this helping me?
Our main goal is to provide our customers not only with the best possible service, but also the best prices. In order to be able to offer such great value to our customers, we also have to take measures to keep our own costs as low as possible. Our e-mail and online service request system allows our operators to multi-task far more efficiently allowing us to keep our costs down, which in turn means savings and better service for you!

I don’t want to be ignored or forgotten.
Not a chance! Our system assigns every e-mail we receive a tracking case number and continually notifies us until your issues are resolved. There’s no long wait and your needs will be taken care of as soon as possible- faster and more efficiently than using a telephone anyway.