OUT of Repairs:

Parts & Labor - Guaranteed 90 days

IN Warranty Repairs:

Parts & Labor - Guaranteed 90 days with us or until you reach the end of your warranty period with your warranty provider or manufacturer.

Restrictions and Exclusions:
  • Warranty and Guarantee have the same meaning for the purposes of our descriptions.
  • Parts warranty applies only to the part(s) we replaced as part of the original repair for the original symptoms. Extended parts warranty coverage doesn't pay labor after the labor warranty term has expired. Parts warranty applies only to parts used as part of a repair or service and doesn't apply to part(s) only orders. Parts warranty excludes consumables and regular maintenance type items like filters.
  • Labor warranty only covers labor for the same symptoms and problems as the original service ticket.
  • We are happy to install any customer supplied/purchased parts however we cannot guarantee the quality of parts and as a result our regular labor and parts warranty will not apply. In addition our labor rates are charged for every trip even if parts arrive damaged or are the incorrect parts, see pricing section of our website for more information.
  • Dryer Thermal Limiter Replacements are only guaranteed if dryer ducting is cleaned and certified in the same visit. This service is not covered by any OEM or extended warranty and is subject to our additional add-on labor charges. See our dryer service web page for more information. Dryer thermal limiters replaced without dryer and duct cleaning service will be replaced as a one-time courtesy and our normal parts and labor warranty will not apply when customers have declined dryer service and duct cleaning. 
  • Parts and Labor warranty covers only manufacturer defects as a result of normal use. Accidental or intentional damage or damage as a result of improper use will void this warranty.
  • Washer filter cleanings are considered routine maintenance and are performed as a one-time courtesy under your warranty and therefore our normal labor warranty will not apply on these repairs.
  • Small items that have been sucked into washer tubs are considered improper use (small items should be washed in a laundry bags) and as a result our normal warranty coverage will not apply. Removal of these items under warranty is a one-time courtesy.