The Technology Doctor takes pride in our industry. We truly care about your reputation and understand the significance the service experience has on
customers brand loyalty and reputation. We are also aware of the significant changes happening in our industry and in society. Our team members and
our company are changing the history books of our industry. Our team is comprised of a generation that understands social media and how to communicate
we understand the expectations of this new generation, while working together with manufacturers who must deal with highly competitive product pricing often
limiting the resources available to meet increasing customer expectations.

1. We employ 5 -Service Technicians, 2 -Telephone/Email/Chat Receptionists, 1 -Ass't Service Manager, 1 -Service Manager & 1 -Office Manager
2. We service almost 1,000 zip codes with no add'l mileage charge - some technicians are dispatched from their home county
3. We perform an average of 70 service call a week with capacity up to 100
4. We maintain an average 7 day TAT
5. We repair an average of 75% of units on the first trip

1. Professional Image (late model vehicles, tablets - new technology, professional looking uniform and attire)
2. Social Service Campaign - 21st Century Communication - Communicate via Direct Message - Innovative use of Social Media
3, We serve a large area in Central and Southern California and don't charge for any mileage
4. Follow-up customer survey's (that we really read) where Customers get to determine if our team members receive a bonus pay for their job
5. Pre-App't emails with technician profiles, pictures, background certifications and industry certifications as well as access to the techs live twitter feed to provide
status updates and other interesting information customers can track tech's progress.
6. The heart of a teacher (No Attitudes or Ego's Here)
7. Certified drug & background checked technicians
8. Charity - we service selected charities in our community and families in need at no charge
9. 24/7 Service - we offer 24/7 service to customers who want to pay the premium
10. Regular evening & weekend appt's - no extra charge
11. Picture documented repair process - reviewed with customers upon completion of service
12. Can serve customers in 183 languages
13. Members of major industry organizations 
14. Industry certified technicians
15. All our staff are employees (no contractors), paid competitive wages that include sick, vacation, holiday, 401k, health benefits and bonuses. We strive to create a 
a work environment of happy employees with the belief that this will produce higher quality and more productive work and well as better service and higher expectations. 

Please consider our request to become an authorized service center, even if you already have adequate coverage in the areas we service. We
believe we can offer a truly unique 21st century customer experience like none other.

You may contact us at (Attn: Service Manager) or 888-803-3788 (Ask for Service Manager)