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Field Service Technician

Full Time - Electronics/Appliance/Computer Technician/Installer Needed

Location: Serving LA, Ventura, Santa Barbara Counties

The Technology Doctor is currently looking for technology-savvy individuals to join our team and share in our mission of providing professional service, maintenance & installation services on behalf of our partners. Candidates must poses the ability to communicate well and provide exceptional customer service. An ideal qualified individual will be self-motivated, bring high energy to the work environment, can easily focus & problem solve, poses a desire to learn and improve, is detailed oriented, well organized, tech-savvy and accepts responsibility well.

Work Location: You will work on site and/or be directly dispatched from your home. You will be required to report for meetings, evaluations and training.

Education & Experience: A certification, degree and/or 1 year experience with electronics, computers, appliances and/or HVAC is preferred. You may also be currently enrolled in or have completed an electronics technology course from an accredited college or trade-school. Specific appliance, TV or  HVAC repair experience is a plus but not necessary to be considered. A strong determined, motivated, passionate, high energy  individual with the will to learn and desire to accel are the biggest factors we consider.   All new technician hires are required to work as an assistant/apprentice to an experienced technician until fully competent to work independent.

Schedule/Hours: The Technology Doctor operates 6 days a week and a technician can design their schedule to make themselves available days and times that best fit your life and that make you most productive. Full-time technicians are required to complete 25 or more jobs in a 6 day week and will receive a guaranteed base minimum wage plus commissions. Experienced technicians can work a 4 day work week and meet their requirement.

Company Vehicle & Fuel: A company vehicle and fuel is provided at no charge to technicians who complete 25 or more jobs in a 6 day period.

Tools: Technicians are expected to provide their own basic common hand tools - specialty tools will be provided. Consumables and supplies are reimbursed and/or provided to you.

Phone & Computer: Technicians use a smartphone to manage service tickets and communicate with customers. Access to a computer with Internet and a printer is required. Technicians are reimbursed $30/month to offset the cost of using their personal equipment, if they choose. The company will provide this equipment, if you would prefer not to use your personal devices and not receive the reimbursement.

Training: Technicians are expected to attend regular training. Technicians are paid for all required training.

Additional Requirements: Need to have a valid drivers license, pass a background, drug and driving check. Bi-monthly supervisor ride-alongs are required.

Perks: Employees will receive a bonus/partial reimbursement for purchasing new items from our manufacturer/partners along with free extended parts and labor service warranty for as long as you are employed and/or as long as parts are available on the brands/manufacturers we service. Use of company provided vehicle for personal use when not working and Free Rental Car Days (20 days per year - up to standard class vehicle rates) - after 90 days of full-time employment. Costco membership.

Health, Vision, Medical, Dental and Hearing Insurance available with share of costs.
Paid Holiday, Sick, Personal, Vacation Days - available after first 90 days of full-time employment.
(12 combined paid personal days per year accrue at 1 day per month worked)

Terms & Conditions
All new employees are subject to a 90 day full-time probationary/evaluation period before they are eligible to receive benefits and perks.

Add'l Details;

Here are some key details and answers to frequently asked questions.

1. Technicians are required to be tech savvy and understand and be comfortable using a Smartphones including communicating regularly via e-mail and using and understanding various apps, social media, text messaging, etc.

2. A technician is supplied a late model economy class car through a company fleet contract. Technicians are responsible for the vehicle and making sure it gets returned and swapped as required.

3. Technicians are required to run at minimum 25 jobs in a 6 day week (or less) and repair at least 75% of the jobs in one-trip. Technicians completing less than 25 jobs may incur a small pay deduction as a share of costs, if they choose to keep and use the company supplied vehicle and are unable to complete 25 jobs in a week and have used all the paid company vehicle day credits. Part-time techs using their personal vehicle are not subject to these minimum requirements. The vehicle deduction or share of costs can be thought of more simply as a small pay deduction in weeks when you are not able to meet the minimum requirements and have already used up all your earned credits and have chosen to keep and use the company provided vehicle. This helps offset the costs of the company provided vehicle that you get to use and drive on non-work days and motivates technicians to meet the minimum requirement. Remember when you have a company fleet vehicle you may not have to personally pay for your own car insurance, maintenance and upkeep.

4.  Technicians are background checked and drug tested on a regular basis.

5. Technicians are required to pa for supply their own basic common hand tools.

6. Technicians do not report daily - there will be a certain number of days per year you will be expected to report to a specified location for training opportunities and/or company meetings and you will paid but you must be accountable and responsible to get the work done that is assigned to you and proactive when necessary in reaching your minimum weekly goals.

7. Technicians are employees and are guaranteed to be paid CA minimum wage for the hours they work, in-addition technicians receive points for each of the job they run, the amount of points depends on the scope of the job and if it was completed in one-trip, in addition there are opportunities to make additional points for add-on sales, positive customer feedback, etc. There can also be penalties deducted from points for vehicle use if completing less than 25 jobs in a week or for failure to follow protocol or extremely negative customer feedback. Each point in the remaining balance at the end of a pay period will represent 1 dollar in commission. The total of your hourly pay is then deducted from the total points net balance and the difference is paid to you as commission in addition to your hourly minimum wage. You are considered to be paid minimum wage plus commission. Technicians typically average effectively $15-$30+ per hour depending on how much you work, how efficient you are, your overall skill set and how much effort you put into continually learning and improving yourself.

8. Technicians are able to set their own schedules and work the days and times you wish as long as you have enough availability to complete at least 25 jobs or more in a 6 days week.

9. Technicians can use the company provided fleet vehicle for personal use when not working but must use their own money for gas when driving more than just a few miles for personal use.

10. Benefits are available (at some cost) after your 90 day probation period.

11. The current position will require you to travel around LA, Ventura and Santa Barbara County. We do our best to schedule jobs as close together and efficiently as possible. Technicians have flexibility of re-scheduling jobs to optimize their routes and times. This job requires substantial driving, unexpected traffic delays and some long work days.

12. If your application is selected you will be required to ride-along for an initial assessment of your skill level and and personality - think of this as the interview. We will determine how much initial training might be needed before you can begin to run service calls independently. The initial interview/ride-along is not paid. If hired you would be paid minimum wage for the training period and would likely work part-time until such point in time that you are able to begin working independently on a full-time basis. All new hires will only receive a maximum of  90 days paid training any additional training after that can be available but not paid. No additional paid training after 90 day period.

13. The Technology Doctor operates in a much different environment than traditional service organizations. Every employee is treated as a professional and with respect. Everybody works independently but also as a team. Every position has their own goals and understands what is expected of them to be considered winning at their job. You are expected to be professional, respectful, courteous, well-groomed and organized. You must believe that there are always new things to learn and ways to improve and be more efficient and look at each challenge you face as a new learning experience. Only winning positive attitudes are accepted. You will have access to telephone and online support and the tools you need but will not have somebody watching over your every move. Your are measured on your overall quality of work and work output not by how you spend every second of your time. In other words, if you are completing at least 25 jobs a week and fixing at least 75% of them on the first trip it doesn't matter what days you work or even what hours of the day or what route you take to get there, it just matters that you get there and get it done to the best of your ability in a professional manner and meet the minimum weekly requirements.

14. Technicians must be 25 years of age or older.

15. Specific experience is not required - on the job training is available. Attitude is everything.

16. You can expect to make an average of $50,000/yr + obviously you can make more or less depending on your skill set and how much you want to work but since this is the single most asked question this will give you a good baseline.

If you are  interested please download the application below, complete it and follow the instructions on the application to return it to us. Once your application is reviewed we will contact you to let you know if you are being considered.

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