If your unit

Many manufacturers extend PARTS ONLY warranty coverage on certain key components beyond the initial full parts and labor coverage period (which is typically 1 year (mandated by law) from the purchase or documented installation date) in these cases you are still subject to the charges and terms for out of warranty customers in the next section below and should we determine a covered part is needed you will not be charged for that part. 

In some cases we may require an $95 fee, even when your unit is under the full warranty. Just like in the healthcare industry, you sign responsibility for payment to your doctor even when you have medical insurance that should pay the bill, likewise we have to hold you responsible to pay us in cases where a manufacture or insurance company may decide not to pay us for any reason. We may not agree with their decision but we have no control over if they pay us and we generally don't know until after we have completed the work and while we may or may not agree with their decisions, we just simply can't stay in business unless we can get paid for our services. Rest assure that if you are asked to pay you will get a refund if and when the manufacturer or insurance company pays us. We don't always ask for fees to be paid upfront on every job, it varies based on different factors like the manufacture date, purchase date, serial number, manufacturer and/or symptoms you are experiencing.

If you do pay us to service something you think should be covered under your warranty you can continue to negotiate with your manufacturer or warranty company directly and if they eventually do approve paying for the service we will refund the fee charged for up to 30 days after the repair has been completed. Sometimes you may want to pay this fee to expedite your service so as not to have to delay the process of waiting for approvals and authorizations before we can proceed with service and it will always be refunded if/when we are reimbursed by the manufacturer or insurance company for up to 30 days after the completed repair date.

Final payment for our services is the customers responsibility in the event the manufacturer or insurance company denies payment for any reason.

If your unit is 

        PLEASE NOTE: We no longer accept checks. All payments must be made in advance via debit or credit card. Our initial $95 service charge is non-refundable if less than 24 hours notice is given before any scheduled appointment cancellation. This fee is for blocking a time slot in a technicians schedule, time and travel expenses, it is not a charge for the actual repair of any unit - this fee is still required even if your unit is not fixed for any reason.

Most out of warranty repairs start with our telephone estimate service - for $25 we can give you an estimate of what you might expect to pay, if you choose to proceed with service, the $25 will be credited towards the fees for service described in the next sections for up to 30 days.

The Technology Doctor offers a no gimmicks, up front pricing policy: We charge $95 for our initial trip and service call for one repair or service on one unit, it includes the first half hour of time, which is usually enough time to fix minor problems or obtain the information needed so that we can give you an accurate estimate. We do require these fees to be paid in advance of scheduling serviceAny additional time incurred beyond the initial 30 minutes will be charged at $1 per minute up to a maximum of $190 for any single repair on any single unit. If more than 1 trip is required you will be charged an additional $95 labor/service call charge or the difference of the charges incurred on the first trip and our maximum labor charge of $190 to complete the repair, if additional trips are required you will not incur any additional labor charges beyond $190.

We use only NEW, OEM parts. A $15 shipping charge will apply for special order parts not in our stock. 
If after the 1st trip and/or evaluation your unit should require parts that are not in stock and if the total cost of the parts to be special ordered equals $100 or more, we will require prepayment of the entire parts amount, this would be in addition to our regular service call, labor charges and accessibility fee, if applicable. If a special ordered part wasn't needed or didn't fix the issue, you will be refunded the cost of the part/s and shipping, if applicable.

Our $95 service call charge is refundable only if you cancel 24 hours or more before your scheduled appointment. It is not refundable with less than 24 business hours notice. The Service Call Charge is never refundable after any trip has been made, for any reason. If you are not home for a confirmed appointment your service call fee will not be refunded and we will have to charge you an additional fee of $75 to reschedule another appointment.

We charge an accessibility fee when additional time and labor is necessary to un-stack units, remove them from confined spaces or when mounted in high locations (above 4 ft.) or anytime it takes more than just a few minutes to remove and/or re-install any unit for service or after a repair has been completed to setup, re-configure settings, software and/or apps on electronic devices and therefore a $60 additional labor fee (per technician) is required even when the unit is under the full manufacturers warranty, if you choose to have us perform these extra services. It is preferred that you already have the unit is a serviceable, clutter free and easily accessible area BEFORE the technician arrives or we will ask you to pay this fee for the additional time and labor necessary. If you think your unit is not in an easily accessible location it is best to advise us and pay this fee in advance so that we can provide the extra time on the technicians schedule, assign the appropriate technician and bring the necessary equipment. If your unit is not in a serviceable area upon arrival we will have to reschedule your appointment and collect this fee before we come back out. You may also send us pictures in advance if you are not certain so that we may advise you if your unit requires this fee. You can refer to the warranty section in your owners manual for more details about this exclusion of this coverage in your warranty.

Any additional work performed by the technician while in your home on the same trip, not related to the initial service request will be charged at $1 per minute 30 minute minimum, in addition to the charges for the initial service and therefore could increase your final bill above $190.  An estimate for these charges will be provided by the technician for any additional services you may request not related to the initial service request. Technicians availability for additional work is not guaranteed. If technician doesn't have availability you will need to contact us to schedule another service call at our regular terms and charges. If you know that you would like additional services it's best to advise us when scheduling so that we can be sure to allot extra time in the technicians schedule.

We are happy to install parts you acquire however customer supplied parts are not covered by our parts or flat-rate labor pricing and guarantee.
 Our labor rates for this type of work are $95 for the first half hour and $1 per minute thereafter up to a maximum of $190 PER TRIP. If the part you supply is defective, broken, incomplete or not the correct part you will have to pay our labor rates again for each subsequent trip that you request.

Our labor rates for this type of work are $95 for the first half hour and $1 per minute thereafter which is the equivalent of $68.13/hr or $545/day. Typical Installations can take 1 - 3 hours. Estimates will be provided for all special projects.

We are so confident with our pricing that we will match or beat any competitors written estimate for service an any of the brands we service!
We hope you find our upfront and honest pricing useful and refreshing.