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Dryer Service & Duct Cleaning

Dryer Service & Duct Cleaning is recommended every year in normal to heavy use homes,
every 18 months in normal to light use homes.

What makes our service better? We don't just clean your home's ducting like most companies... our factory trained technicians also completely disassemble, clean and service your dryer. Cleaning your home's ducting alone is not enough! Fires start at your dryers ignition source, igniting the lint and debris in your dryer which then spreads into your homes ducting. Your dryer can still catch fire even if you have your home's ducting cleaned by another company.

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$95 for a dedicated trip and includes the first 30 minutes of labor. Each additional minute $1 - up to a maximum labor charge of $190.
$1 per minute, 30 minutes minimum up to a maximum of $190 - if added to any existing service call.

Most homes average 60 minutes.