If your unit is still under the original manufactures warranty, you are eligible to extend it with the purchase of our extended warranty. If your unit is ever deemed not repairable you will receive a full refund of the cost of the extended warranty, minus any repairs/claims you may have already used. The Extended Warranty doesn't cover cosmetic or customer inflicted damage from abuse, accidents, carelessness or use of the product in a capacity for which it was not intended (consumer products used for commercial/industrial purposes).

Standard: covers just the repair with a standard service call, Premium: same as standard plus reimbursement coverage for loss of food, using outside laundry services, etc, Platinum: offers everything in premium plus our VIP Priority Service Call.

PRICING: To calculate the cost of an extended warranty contract take the number of years requested (up to 4 years) times the number of units you'd like covered, the answer will determine the base rate, find the base of your choice in the chart below next to your answer and then multiply the base rate by your answer to get the total cost of your extended warranty contract.

AnswerBase (Standard)Base (Premium)Base (Platinum)
 1-2     89.95 99.95 129.95
 3-4 75 85 115
 5-6 70 80 95
 7-8 65 75 85
 9+ 55 65 75

Please remember that extended warranties do not cover routine maintenance, they only cover defects. If you purchase a maintenance contract in addition to an extended warranty you will receive an additional 25% off each contract. You may also consider our SSP - Simple Support Plan as well.