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Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance contracts cover regular routine maintenance visits and services over the life of the contract. They typically include cleaning and lubricating parts, replacement of wearable items like belts, rollers and filters at recommended intervals. These services will prolong the life of your equipment and ensure it is running most energy efficient and reliable.

Pricing: Calculate the number of trips per year (usually 1 or 2) times the number of units you are requesting (IE: if you have 1 unit and would like contracts for 3 years with 1 annual visit per unit that would equal 3 trips, times $80/trip (per the chart below) = $240. Our normal un-contracted price per trip/unit is $85 plus the cost of any filters or supplies.

Trips       Price Ea.
 2-5 $80
 6-9 $75
 10-13 $70
 14-17 $65
 18+ $60

If you are interested in purchasing a maintenance contract please contact us via email, chat or telephone and let the representative know you would like to purchase a maintenance contract. We will send you a contract/invoice to approve and pay, once payment is received your contract is valid and your first service visits can be scheduled.

Maintenance contracts are not extended warranties or repair contracts, they will not necessarily cover repairs not associated with routine maintenance, however we offer an additional 25% discount off both the maintenance contract and extended warranty if purchased together.