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Social Service Campaign

The Technology Doctor Social Service Campaign has 2 components. The first is a technician training program designed to teach technicians how to be social and how to communicate with people most effectively in the 21st century. The second part is about utilizing technology in their day to day work in the form of social media as a way of connecting to the people they serve.
As our world is changing how we communicate with each other The Technology Doctor certainly doesn't want to loose that personal connection with our customers, so we have 
begun utilizing social media to connect customers with the team members who will be serving them. Once a technician has been assigned, you will receive a confirmation email that links the technicians information and social media account with you. You may use it to view a current picture of the technician who will be visiting you and track the progress of your technician the day of your app't, see where they have been and other interesting things they may have seen and experienced in their travels for great conversation topics. Technicians are limited in the time they have to respond to communications so we ask you to limit your posts to comments only that don't necessarily require a response from the technician. It is typically utilized as a one way communication tool. Should you have generic questions please use our companies social media account listed on our home page, also to receive the latest company updates and reposts of the most interesting tech posts you may follow our company-wide twitter account @socalservice or direct specific questions to our administrative offices via any of the numerous methods listed on our home page.  We hope you enjoy this innovative and new service from The Technology Doctor.