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aquarium services

Tank-Tech On-Site Services:

Chillers - Regular Maintenance and Repairs
Lighting - Regular Maintenance and Repairs
Pumps - Regular Maintenance and Repairs
UV Sterilizers - Regular Maintenance and Repairs
Battery Backups - Regular Maintenance and Repairs
Aquarium Controllers - Repair, Setup, Installation, Programming
Aquarium Stocking Plans - Consult with a fish technician and determine what livestock you wish to include in your tank, we will then develop a customized stocking timeline that takes into account individual species aggression and the bio-load of your tank.
Aquarium Tune-Up Packages - non routine tune-ups and maintenance as needed
Aquarium Report Card (Evaluations) - 2nd Opinions, How are you doing...
Vacation Service - 
Emergency Service - 

Aquarium Design, Installation, Setup & Regular Maintenance Services Also Available
Our fish technicians provide the legendary customer service TTD is known for as we expand our service offerings into industries that aren't typically known to provide top notch customer service but rest assure our technicians are passionate and knowledgeable about fish. Just like all the services we offer we do not operate a retail store nor push any particular products. we are selling our great service. We can provide you parts, equipment & supplies, if you don't want the hassle but we are happy to use your purchases or make recommendations for you to find the best bargins.

Serving Central and Southern California

Basic Rates:
$85 (trip plus first half hour)  $30 (each half hour after)